Emojis are already configured by categories, and they are automatically updated to the latest supported version by default.

Recent Emojis

Every time you select an emoji, it is automatically added to the recent emojis section.

When you first open the keyboard, instead of an empty recent emojis section, there is a preloaded collection of the most used emojis.

Recent preloaded collection:


Skin Tones

We support different skin tones. When you long-press on an emoji, it will display the various tones available for that specific emoji. If you select a different tone from the one the emoji previously had, it will update to the newly selected tone.

By default, the KeyboardSDK is configured to display all emojis in a neutral skin tone. However, if you prefer to have all emojis in a different skin tone, you can configure it here: EmojiConfiguration

Long-press with the skin tones:

Emojis skin tones

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Last updated on September 6, 2023