Predictive Text SDK

Apps that handle user inputs to perform search queries can benefit significantly from autocorrection, suggestions, and predictions based on information such as voice typing that can often result in a wrong query. The most common use case is to quickly find the piece of data the user is looking for while handling different types of input to provide the best possible UX.

The Fleksy Predictive Text SDK provides various valuable methods powered by Fleksy’s best technology to deal with such cases. In particular, Fleksy Predictive Text SDK offers the following benefits:

  • Auto correction based on current word prediction,
  • Suggestions containing both words and emojis a user is likely to type, and
  • Word prediction based on swipe typing.

Check out the guides below to see how to include Fleksy Predictive Text SDK for your target platform.

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Last updated on August 24, 2023