Custom Action

Custom action enables you to add any action directly on the keyboard layout.

The aim of this feature is to enable you to have a personalized red button on your layout:

Custom Action Button on the Layout

** This red button is an example of custom button.

How to achieve it

1️⃣ Add custom-action bundle to your project.

Custom Action Bundle
2️⃣ Configure the CustomLayoutConfiguration to add your image and action related to the custom button. For example:


        // Example: CustomLayoutConfiguration
        let actionButton = CustomLayoutConfiguration.Button(label: "custom-action",
                                                            image: UIImage(named: "IconOrange"),
                                                            contentMode: .scaleAspectFill,
                                                            action: { _ in
            // Do something for "custom-action" pressed
            print("> Pressed custom-action")
        let customActionConfig = CustomLayoutConfiguration(bundleFileName: "custom-action", buttons: [actionButton])


        let config = KeyboardConfiguration(customLayout: customActionConfig,
                                                license: licenseConfig)

3️⃣ Enjoy your new custom button on the layout with your image and action.

Code Example

In order to implement a custom action button on the layout just download the example provided on the Github repository.
It offers a comprehensive means of understanding:

1️⃣ Adding a custom Image on the layout
2️⃣ Complement with a specific action

Github repository for the Keyboard Custom Action.

If something needs to be added or if you find an error in our documentation, please let us know either on our GitHub or Discord.

Last updated on January 18, 2024