Complete documentation on language support offered by the Fleksy SDKs.

All languages are stored in Fleksy’s backend. (removing the burden of managing them yourself)
All languages are supported equally by Keyboard SDK and Predictive SDK.

In order to use a language, please refer to the API Reference. In the case of Keyboard SDK, for Android, please look into LanguagesHelper class. For iOS look into LanguagesHelper.
In the case of Predictive SDK, looking into Predictive SDK.

Supported Languages

KeyboardSDK and PredictiveSDK both SDKs currently support 82 languages.

To see the full list: Supported Languages


One crucial aspect is the ability to demonstrate our proficiency and the quality of our currently supported languages. Benchmarking allows us to assess how we stack up against competitors and track our progress over time.

If something needs to be added or if you find an error in our documentation, please let us know either on our GitHub or Discord.

Last updated on June 15, 2023