See all the languages currently supported by the Fleksy SDK.

All of these languages are stored in our backend, removing the burden of managing them yourself.

In order to use them look into the API Reference for LanguagesHelper class on Android and LanguagesHelper class on iOS.

Supported Languages

These are all the languages that the Fleksy SDK supports by default. For each of the languages we specify if you can use swipe typing and emoji prediction.

Language Code Swipe Emoji Prediction Default Layout
Afrikaans af-ZA Yes Yes QWERTY
Arabic ar-AR Yes Yes Arabic
Azerbaijani az-AZ Yes Yes Azerbaijani
Bashkir ba-RU Yes Yes Russian
Belarusian be-BY Yes Yes Belarusian
Bulgarian bg-BG Yes Yes Bulgarian
Breton br-FR Yes No AZERTY
Bosnian bs-BA Yes Yes QWERTZ(Bosnian)
Catalan ca-ES Yes Yes QWERTY(Catalan)
Cebuano ceb-PH Yes Yes QWERTY
Centrl Kurdish ckb-KU Yes Yes Sorani
Czech cs-CZ Yes Yes QWERTZ
Welsh cy-UK Yes Yes QWERTY
Danish da-DK Yes Yes QWERTY(Danish)
German de-DE Yes Yes QWERTZ(German)
Greek el-GR Yes Yes Greek
English AU en-AU Yes Yes QWERTY
English CA en-CA Yes Yes QWERTY
English IN en-IN Yes Yes QWERTY
English UK en-UK Yes Yes QWERTY
English US en-US Yes Yes QWERTY
Esperanto eo-EO Yes Yes QWERTY
Spanish ES es-ES Yes Yes QWERTY(Spanish)
Spanish LATAM es-LA Yes Yes QWERTY(Spanish)
Spanish MX es-MX Yes Yes QWERTY(Spanish)
Spanish US es-US Yes Yes QWERTY(Spanish)
Estonian et-EE Yes Yes QWERTY(Estonian)
Euskera (Basque) eu-ES Yes Yes QWERTY(Spanish)
Finnish fi-FI Yes Yes QWERTY(Finnish)
French CA fr-CA Yes Yes QWERTY(French)
French FR fr-FR Yes Yes AZERTY
Frisian fy-NL Yes Yes QWERTY
Irish ga-IE Yes Yes QWERTY
Gaelic gd-UK Yes Yes QWERTY
Galician gl-ES Yes Yes QWERTY(Spanish)
Hausa ha-NG Yes Yes QWERTY
Hebrew he-IL Yes Yes Hebrew
Croatian hr-HR Yes Yes QWERTZ(Croatian)
Haitian ht-HT Yes Yes QWERTY
Hungarian hu-HU Yes Yes QWERTZ(Hungarian)
Armenian hye-AM Yes Yes Armenina phonetic
Indonesian id-ID Yes Yes QWERTY
Icelandic is-IS Yes Yes QWERTY(Icelandic)
Italian it-IT Yes Yes QWERTY
Javanese jv-ID Yes Yes QWERTY
Georgian ka-GE Yes Yes Georgian
Kazakh kk-KZ Yes Yes Russian
Kurdish (North) kmr-KU Yes Yes QWERTY(Kurdish)
Kyrgyz ky-KG Yes Yes kyrgyz
Latine la-LA Yes Yes QWERTY
Latvian lv-LV Yes Yes QWERTY
Lithuanian lt-LT Yes Yes QWERTY
Luxembourgish lb-LU Yes Yes QWERTZ(Luxembourgish)
Macedonian mk-MK Yes Yes Macedonian
Mongolian mn-MN Yes Yes Mongolian
Malay ms-MY Yes Yes QWERTY
Norwegian Bokmal nb-NO Yes Yes QWERTY(Norwegian)
Dutch nl-NL Yes Yes QWERTY
Norwegian Nynorsk nn-NO Yes Yes QWERTY(Norwegian)
Polish pl-PL Yes Yes QWERTY
Pashto ps-AF Yes Yes Pashto
Portuguese Brazil pt-BR Yes Yes QWERTY(Portuguese)
Portuguese Portugal pt-PT Yes Yes QWERTY(Portuguese)
Romanian ro-RO Yes Yes QWERTY(Romanian)
Russian ru-RU Yes Yes Russian
Slovak sk-SK Yes Yes QWERTZ
Slovenian sl-SI Yes Yes QWERTY(Slovenian)
Somali so-SO Yes Yes QWERTY
Albanian sq-AL Yes Yes Yes
Swedish sv-SE Yes Yes QWERTY(Swedish)
Swahili sw-SW Yes Yes AZERTY
Tagalog tl-PH Yes Yes QWERTY
Turkish tr-TR Yes Yes QWERTY(Turkish)
Tatar tt-RU Yes Yes Tatar
Ukrainian uk-UA Yes Yes Ukrainian
Urdu ur-PK Yes Yes Yes
Uzbek uz-UZ Yes Yes QWERTY(Uzbek)
Vietnamese vi-VN Yes Yes QWERTY
Waray war-PH Yes No QWERTY

Last updated on May 20, 2022