API Reference

These are all the API classes and properties available in the Predictive Text SDK.


Package: co.thingthing.fleksy.lib.api

FleksyLib Main class to interact with the Predictive Text SDK
LibraryConfiguration Predictive Text SDK’s configuration


Package: co.thingthing.fleksy.lib.extensions

emojiCompatLength Get a string’s length counting emoji’s and special characters as 1.


Package: co.thingthing.fleksy.lib.languages

LanguagesHelper Static methods to do all language-related operations
LocalLanguage Contains the metadata of a local language file
RemoteLanguage Contains the metadata of a remote language file


Package: co.thingthing.fleksy.lib.model

Candidate Candidate for autocorrection, next word prediction or swipe typing
CandidateType Class containing type of Candidate
FLRect Object defining rectangle
LanguageFile Class representing language file’s path
LayoutKey Object defining a keyboard key
LayoutPoint Class representing language file’s path
LayoutType Type used as input for the typing interactions of the user in the keyboard
Replacement Class for string replacement
TypingContext Constructor for various classes as context

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Last updated on August 24, 2023