Fleksy Apps

The Fleksy Keyboard SDK allows developers to build and provide users with an easy way to access their favorite and useful apps directly from the keyboard using custom views. To achieve this functionality, Fleksy offers two convenient libraries:

  • The BaseKeyboardApp library allows building apps following the carousel of images, categories, and search bar seen in the gifs and stickers apps.
  • The KeyboardApp library, on the other hand, is the core interface that the Fleksy Keyboard SDK understands and interacts with, upon which BaseKeyboardApp builds.


Package: co.thingthing.fleksyapps:base

BaseKeyboardApp Abstract class extending KeyboardApp interface.
BaseMedia Class containing information regarding the media.
BaseResult Type of a result that can be added to a scrolling list of media.
CustomCatergory Data class to add custom categories.


Package: co.thingthing.fleksyapps:core

AppConfiguration Configuration object that is sent from the Keyboard SDK.
AppEvent Different events emitted by the apps and the Keyboard SDK.
AppEventContext Class to describe the app and application when sending analytic events.
AppInputState Class to describe the current application’s package name
AppListener Listener that is given to the app on initialization.
AppMedia Media object send from an App to the Keyboard SDK.
AppMediaSource Media object source, for all the handled source types.
AppTheme Theme sent to the app when it changes.
KeyboardApp The interface every App must implement.
UsageMethod Class to describe how an app was opened or closed

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Last updated on September 26, 2022